Review: British Airways Galleries Lounge Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is the closest airport from the place I live therefore I start all of my trips there. Being my preferred airport in Scotland I am also a frequent user of British Airway’s newly refurbished Galleries Club Lounge. In short I like the design and in some areas it is better than the lounges at their home base: London Heathrow Airport.

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Departures and security

Shortly after checking my luggage via the dedicated desk for frequent flyers I proceeded upstairs for security. Even though I was only travelling on domestic service to London City with my British Airways Executive Club Silver status it granted me access to fast-track security. Fast-track security pass can be bought for £5 from currency exchange at check-in or from the ticket machine upstairs.

Fast track ticket machine, located nearby the escalators and next to WH Smith at departures

After scanning the boarding pass at the automated gates I scanned the boarding pass again so that the staffs can see if I am eligible to use the security lanes or not.

Overall the security staffs worked efficiently to reduce the waiting time. I was able to pass through within 10 minutes, which is really good comparing to other places, such as London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5.

Instead of walking directly out into the departure hall you would now need to walk through World Duty Free shop before you get to there. While this good for them as more passengers will walk pass there it is bad for us as it added not needed steps before everyone can take a seat.


The lounge is located nearby gate 4. It is also nearby Yo! Sushi and is right next to Aspire Lounge, a lounge run by Swissport.

Before I continue let me apologise the lack of pictures for the lounge as I hadn’t decide I will write a trip report then 🙂

View from the sitting area. As you can see it looks modern and fresh!

The lounge was not busy at all, perhaps given I was there on a Wednesday afternoon explains why. There were not many people there, which is very ideal as the last thing you want to feel is that it is crowded and cramped.

I was able to work and relax (eat bananas) while awaiting for the flight!

The food and drink offers were great — all the basic drinks such as Cola and sodas are there as well as tea/coffee/hot chocolate. Beer and Wine is also available for you to pick as well. Regarding to food other than fruits and bananas there were Club Sandwiches, soup with bread as well as cheese plate. I had neither as I wasn’t hungry however from my past visits I had a good time with the soup and food there.

This is what I had back in June

One of the great features I enjoyed the most was the private rooms for working. It basically consists of a chair, table, plugs (including USB ports) and a glass door that can be shut. This room is great especially when you need serious concentration and perhaps rest. There are two private rooms and are located on the left side of the lounge, next to the general seating area.


The quietest area with open space has to be in the Work and Entertainment zone. Two desktops are available and has Microsoft Office loaded, which is preety good for business travellers and students who are rushing to finish homework (like me :D).

You can get a big desk and good view to the carpark area while working on your devices (USB plugs available)

There is also a wireless printer and a copier on site with a huge supply of A4 papers. Flight information screens are also here so you do not need to visit the seating area for updates. In terms of USB charging if you forgot to bring your own cable there ask the lounge staffs and they will let you find cables in the red bin. Other than the old Nokia style charger and odd display ports I couldn’t find anything for my Android. I needed to get one from the shop at the end (no iPhone cables either!) I recall in London Heathrow’s T5B Lounge there are fixed cables to charge your phone however again no micro-USB cables but onlt the iPhone and USB mini Type B ones.

I requested to have these cables available on their feedback book.


View from the private working rooms

In terms of services there is just nothing special to talk about. During my visits I do not recall any proactive services other than collecting used plates and cleaning, which is just what I would expect from a business class lounge. I would usually expect proactive services such as refilling drinks in a first class lounge though.

In terms of hygiene they have maintained it to a high standard — the toilet is well kept and is fully stocked with paper towel as well as Elemis products such as hand lotion hand lotion and soap. The place smells nice as well. The only thing I do not fully understand is the way they place the paper towels: they put all of them inside a wood made box and you take as many as you need out of it. While the design looks really nice I sometimes just get annoyed with water drops on the first few paper towels from the last user. That bugs me.


I need to stress that this is a very good lounge. I have never been before the renovation however after spending £1.5m on lounge refurbishment it has indeed made my experience in the lounge much more comfortable and enjoyable. It is because of the dark colour themed modern design and the amount of people in the lounge makes me think this lounge for example is better than the ones BA run at Heathrow’s Terminal 5. There is just not much negative things to say about it however it would be nice if staffs interacts more with the passengers: a simple hi from someone other than the entrance staffs would be nice; also it would be good if they can prevent water drops getting left behind on the paper towels. You will know what I mean when you are there.

Other than the lack of shower facilities this lounge is better than Club lounge at Heathrow T5.




Author: Samuel

Samuel, 18, was born in Hong Kong though since 2011 he started studying in Scotland. Samuel is a big fan of travelling, however he is no ordinary traveller -- he is a premium traveller. With the use of different hotel booking strategies and ticketing hacks he is able to turn the dream of business class travel into reality while paying the price of economy (sometimes less than that).

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