Review: British Airways flight from Edinburgh Airport EDI to London City Airport LCY

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British Airways flight from Edinburgh Airport EDI to London City Airport LCY
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British Airways flight from London Heathrow Airport LHR to Edinburgh Airport EDI

So after the visit at British Airways Galleries Club Lounge EDI it is time for me to head of to London City. The flight only lasts for an hour however there is quite a lot to say about this flight: this is the first time of me flying BAe 146 and experiencing service from Jota Aviation who was appointed to fly this flight on behalf of British Airways.


Airline: British Airways
Flight: BA2219

Origin: Edinburgh EDI
Destination: London City Airport LCY

Aircraft: BAe146
Flight time: 1 hours 10 minutes

Seat: 1A, Domestic class (economy)


This flight is part of my positioning journey to Munich where I start another flight booking to Hong Kong via London Heathrow via British Airways. Rather than paying by cash I redeemed this flight for just 4,000 Avios plus £17.50 flat rate reward flight saver fee. I booked this flight just two days before departure, primarily because British Airways releases rest of the seat when the departure time is coming up. It can sometimes be a risky gamble as the award seats can be disappeared sometime though I took it, and now I booked the flight.

I believe that one of the best ways of using Avios is to book last minute trips or even last second one way long-haul flight: usually the fare can be high you buy the ticket last second as they would usually be sold from the most flexible fare bucket, which is usually the most expensive fare due to their flexibility to changes.

Aircraft change

Jota Aviation flight change

Even though when choosing the flight it is showing it will be operated by Jota Aviation I received an e-mail the day before reconfirming that change de to “operational reason”. This flight is usually operated by BA Cityflyer’s Embracer 170, which I tried before — the cabin is small and I recall a standard sized cabin case needed to be stored in the hole as it just wouldn’t fir into the lockers.

Jota Aviation is a flight chartering company who bass in London Southend Airport. They have 7 aircrafts and started since 2009.

Anyways it is always nice to try something new.


When boarding started there was an announcement about it in the lounge. This gave me enough time to grab some food and get to the gate without any rushing.

The boarding process was smooth — perhaps because of the timing of the flight the queue was not long at all. Being a oneworld Sapphire member (British Airways Executive Club Silver) I was entitled to be boarded first, skipping all the normal queues.


Because of the small size of the aircraft we needed to walk down to the tarmac and board via the stairs. This made me recall I spent a week participating in Edinburgh Airport’s Work Placement programme, and trust me it was the best week I have had so far! (it was like an holiday and adventure for free!)

The little (wee) tower in the middle belongs to Airside Operations, who deals with things like daily runway checks!

*I may review my time spent there… just give me some time 🙂

Boarding Jota Aviation’s flight to London City


Nothing special happened at this stage. I however remember I was warmly welcomed by the cabin crew though. I am not expecting anything special anyway as this is just a domestic flight.

In terms of storage there was not an issue as the plane was probably only 50% filled. Everyone boarded in time therefore we departed on time.

Seat and surrounding

With my membership I was able to pick any seat at time of booking. I immediately checked the seat map and noticed seat 1A was empty so I picked it without a though. I am picking it simply because it is nice to have.

This is what you see in front of you


As a bulkhead seat the tray table is stored at the side; the legroom here is more generous though the difference is not huge.

Legroom at seat 1A

The window is slightly different form other planes: it has two blinds insyead of just a big one:20151216_131908_HDR


Perhaps because the load is so low everyone on the flight had their middle seat empty. Very similar British Airways the middle can also be converted into a table which you can put things onto.

Bye now Edinburgh!



Shortly after take off I was offered a drink and a snack. What makes the service stands out however is that I was proactively asked if I need any refills, which sadly doesn’t happen a lot with British Airways, even in Club World!



Always look outside the windows when landing in London! Most likely it will fly pass Central London and other areas so it may worth taking a picture of that!

No idea where it is haha!



It was a great experience to try the new crew and new plane. Even though the plane’ interior looks less modern I was very happy with the foldable table in the middle seat and the bulkhead seat which provided a decent amount of space. In terms of the value I got out from redeeming the flight… well it wasn’t good but I managed to save some money for Soho later on in the day!

London is one of my favourite place and I will always go there.


Author: Samuel

Samuel, 18, was born in Hong Kong though since 2011 he started studying in Scotland. Samuel is a big fan of travelling, however he is no ordinary traveller -- he is a premium traveller. With the use of different hotel booking strategies and ticketing hacks he is able to turn the dream of business class travel into reality while paying the price of economy (sometimes less than that).

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