Review: Salon Galaxy Lounge Paris CDG Airport


CDG has three terminals. While the more well-known oneworld carriers such as Cathay Pacific, British Airways and American Airlines depart in Terminal 2 others such as Qatar Airways, TAM, Malaysian Airlines, Royal Jordanian and SriLankan Airlines depart from Terminal 1, which is probably the oldest terminal here. This also means that I can’t explore Cathay Pacific’s First and Business Class lounge and I need to use the provided Salon Galaxy Lounge instead.

In area 2 of terminal 1 SriLankan Airlines is actually quite far away to reach – first if you arrive by TGV you need to catch a free transit train to Terminal one, go up the escalator and turn right. It took me around 15 minutes just to reach the check-in area. Thankfully there was basically no queue at the business check-in counter and I was welcomed within a minute or two, just after they processed the ones before me. Check-in was done without issues and I was given a wallet, containing boarding passes to Colombo and finally Hong Kong. I was also given vouchers so I can enter the lounges during the journey.

Overnight in London
Salon Galaxy Lounge Paris CDG
SriLankan Airlines flight from Paris to Colombo
SriLankan Airlines lounges in Bandaranaike International Airport 
SriLankan Airlines flight from Colombo to Hong Kong (via Bangkok)
SriLankan Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok
Overnight in Bangkok
SriLankan Airlines flight from Bangkok to Colombo
Srilankan Airlines lounges in Bandaranaike International Airport
Layover in Sri Lanka
SriLankan Airlines flight from Colombo to Paris
Overnight in Paris
Cathay Pacific First and Business Class lounge Paris CDG
British Airways flight from Paris CDG to London Heathrow
British Airways lounges in Heathrow Terminal 5
British Airways flight from London Heathrow to Edinburgh

You need to get a transit train to access Terminal 1 from the TGV station



There were many entrance to departures. Since the nearest one is being used by a group of Chinese tourists I walked further along and used the other entrance. There were only 2 people using the lane when I was there. Even though SriLankan Airlines is not participating in fast track security I passed through immigration within a minute. Oddly I did not see any security checkpoints but instead I entered the departure area directly. I do not know if they do security at gate or it is just a security failure though.

Lounge location

The lounge is situated on 10th floor. There are sign throughout the terminal which will lead you to the lifts.

First impressions

Hallway of Salon Galaxy Lounge

To begin the lounge is small though big enough to put everyone in while keeping distance from each other. There are big windows looking out to the garden next to it, which also brings in some natural lighting.

Seats and window view to the garden


Not much design is going on here – it is just a big seating room with beverages and Wi-Fi. The lounge is in a good condition and it is relatively quiet, a contrast to British Airways lounges.

Food and drink

Sandwiches and crackers
Cup noodles selection

Mini-sized cup noodles are also available — don’t worry there is a kettle at the side

The only fresh made food is sandwiches. Biscuits (with types of jam), crisps and snacks are well-stocked, as well as cup noodles.

Drinks selection
Drinks selection
Coffee and hot water machine — take a while to get the water out

The drinks selection is good. All soft drinks are well-stocked and has what British Airways doesn’t have at the moment – Coca Cola. There are a variety of fruit juices too.

Alcoholic beverage selection

Alcohol selections aren’t bad either.


Newspaper selections (magazines are in the opposite)


It is a very basic lounge: no computers (there is a table with an Ethernet cable), no bar, no showers. It is just a dedicated seating area with drinks and food for free.

There is a free smoking lounge just outside the lounge.

Wi-Fi is also free here, simply connect to Orange and register and you will get 6 hours of free internet. Ping is 157ms with download speed of 2.2mbps and 0.2 mbps of upload speed. It was enough for me to do internet browsing.


There is a separate section reserved for First Class passengers. It is basically a separate room with sofas and a tea table. All the food is at the counter outside.


There wasn’t anyone at the reception as I walked in so I just entered straight in – I was asked for lounge invitation after I settled down though. Overall staffs were friendly and every so often they collect used plates and cups.


IAs  mentioned earlier this is after all a reserved seating area for business class passengers with free beverages. It is a nice place to stay for a short time though terrible for long stays.


Author: Samuel

Samuel, 18, was born in Hong Kong though since 2011 he started studying in Scotland. Samuel is a big fan of travelling, however he is no ordinary traveller -- he is a premium traveller. With the use of different hotel booking strategies and ticketing hacks he is able to turn the dream of business class travel into reality while paying the price of economy (sometimes less than that).

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  1. Nice review. Very interesting to hear about your travels and all of the airport lounges you visit (with varying levels of quality). I look forward to hearing more in future about where you are going – Thanks!

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